YouTube Trends: It’s Science!


We envisioned It’s Science as an offbeat introduction for YouTube Trends. The video hinged on the participation of The Gregory Brothers; fortunately for us, they signed on. YouTube Trends tracks and reports on video popularity- or as Michael Gregory put it, they “find what’s poppin’ as it’s poppin.” The Gregorys took Jesse Burch’s voiceover and Songified™ it. They also sweetened the writing and filmed their own video inserts. YouTube’s Olivia Ma and Kevin Alloca oversaw the project.

Directed by Bill Dawson
Produced by Kevin Alloca and Olivia Ma for YouTube
Written by Jesse Burch, Bill Dawson and The Gregory Brothers
Animation by Matt Sessions and Bill Dawson
Voiceover by Jesse Burch
Songification by The Gregory Brothers
Audio sweetening by Will Clark

Archival footage courtesy of Getty Images
Memes courtesy of YouTube

Double Rainbow- so intense.


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