Spud & Chloë at the Farm

Artisan Books and Lia Ronnen asked XK9 to create this video to promote their new book Spud & Chloë at the Farm by Susan Anderson. Susan B. Anderson wrote the book to share her technique for creating the duo and their barnyard friends.

We decided to write a song. Bill wrote the lyrics and Matt Sessions took it from there. Matt enlisted his friend, Shelby Lindley to sing on the recording. We then made the story come to life with our design and animation, Liz Banfield’s photographyn and illustration by Amy Cartwright.

For Artisan Books
Lia Ronnen – associate publisher / producer
Susan B. Anderson – author / guiding light
Liz Banfield – photography
Amy Cartwright – illustration

For XK9
Bill Dawson – creative direction / animation / lyrics
Matt Sessions – music / animation
Shelby Lindley – vocals

Spud & Chloë as themselves.



XK9 by XK9