Evolution: Singapore


Singapore’s adoption of smartphones puts them on the leading edge of a worldwide cultural shift.

Google conducted a survey of 30,000 people in 30 countries. Their research uncovered some surprising facts about the global adoption of smartphone technology. Google’s Ryan Hayward delivered the findings with XK9 and asked to create an animated infographic to share the results. Armed with a bullet-riddled PowerPoint and a list of statistics- we delivered this video. In 48 hours.

For this kind of information to have an impact it needs to be effectively presented. If it isn’t engaging, it won’t stick. Our goal was to reveal this extraordinary information in a well-designed, memorable way. This video became on of a series that detailed findings by specific countries.

Design and animation by Bill Dawson
Whirligig (soundtrack) by William Henries & Steven Haller
Music Supervision by Jenny Kishazy, De Wolfe Music Library



XK9 by XK9