The Amazing Megahertz



This is the logo for The Amazing Spider-Man created for Columbia/Sony Pictures’ collaboration with Marvel. The logo was used for the 2012 superhero film reboot and for promotion in theaters, on television, and online. As seen here the logo consists of two parts: the spider symbol and the logotype. While I can’t claim to have designed the logo, I did design every letter in the logotype.



Here is the basic Megahertz oblique alphabet.

I created the Megahertz typeface in 1997; It was first made available via the T26 digital foundry in December of that year. Each of its 4 fonts consists of 219 glyphs (individual letterforms, punctuation, or diacritical marks). It was my first complete typeface family. Every character was drawn in Adobe Illustrator and converted to glyphs using Macromedia’s Fontographer.


I wrote some more on this topic when the film was released. You can find that here.


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