Working on the Sidelines

I’ve come to realize something. I cannot not create.
Right now I have three personal projects going. While I am waiting for a couple client projects to kickoff, I have spent time on these sidelines gigs that exist first as a creative outlet for me. They fulfill my need to create daily.

This handshake image is one of the 125 and counting icons I have created for a project I’ve dubbed Cliché-a-Day. I am drawing iconic symbols in a simple geometric style. I limit myself to two colors (and white) with only two line weights in every image. I selected with 7 colors for bases and darker versions of those colors for outlines. My goal has been one image every day of the week. I usually draw them in groups, when the mood strikes.
Most of the Cliché-a-Day icons can be seen here.
My second sideline project is Comics of Comedy. Today I drew my original comic hero Steve Martin. And a banjo. Well, the upper neck and headstock. Steve is the twenty-third stand-up comic I have illustrated for the Comedy of Comics project. All the Comics are archived to my Behance account.
Then came Typethos.
A few weeks ago I began writing type designers and typographers to solicit their participation in a project. I want to create images that share thoughts on type and typography. I am posting the images to a Twitter feed @Typethos every weekday.
The Typethos archive can be seen here.
I have made this work for myself to expand my range of projects and to challenge myself. I share these as food for thought and sparks for the imagination.
I hope others enjoy them. Because I’m going to keep making them.

XK9 by XK9