“Which Way to the Hospital?”* or H as in “Huh?”

On XK9 and campaign brand identity – This presidential sweepstakes season I plan to limit my comments to campaign graphic design. Not ideology. Not policy. I will also do my best to keep those comments apolitical and nonpartisan. I will have no reservations about calling their brand identities ineffective or poorly conceived – if that is what they are. Any politico is capable of that.
As for the new Hillary H-arrowing H, my left-of-center viewpoint will not make me like her logo any more or less.

There is very little right about this logo other than the direction of the arrow. From a technical perspective alone, the logo is problematic. Overlapping colors. Tight registration. There is a contrast problem between the blue and red. Without white to separate the shapes, it’s hard to quickly discern the parts and the whole.
As of this writing, I do not know who was responsible for this. But I can tell you what is responsible for this – Barack Obama’s brilliant O campaign logo and the success of his campaigns. This is an attempt to mimic the twice-elected President’s success. But if this mark is an indication of the kind of thinking we can expect from the Hillary campaign, I would gravely handicap their potential for success.
This logo seems to be evidence of a very blunt marketing message. The campaign will have the resources to afford to deluge Americans with their blunt message. Yet they may lack any ability to break through and penetrate the mind of collective electorate.
The Obama O is the keystone of a brilliant piece of electoral marketing and design. Every aspect of that campaign’s graphic design was created as part of a unified whole – a unified message. Some criticized its slickness. But any criticism cannot dispute its overwhelming success. The Obama campaign will be the epitome of electoral marketing and design for many, many elections to come.
Ambition and vision are not always aligned for success. This brand identity does not indicate vision nor original thinking.
*The first title was Orrin Zucker’s take on the H-arrow. I lol’d.

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