Google Analytics and XK9

XK9’s September was spent creating tactical media for the 2013 Google Analytics Summit. Our collaborators in Analytics Marketing worked with us to create video signatures, case study videos, and marketing interviews for the annual Summit held October 1 and 2, 2013.

Our project cornerstone was the animated opening XK9 created for the Summit – seen above the title of this post. Our design was based on the conference graphic design developed by MKTG and their art director, Nikhil Parsad. It was a pleasure adapting their evocative grid designs for the conference, illustrating its theme of Access, Empower, Act.
The opening animation was designed by Bill Dawson and animated by Milan Erceg. Milan’s phenomenal work set the tone for this exciting event. He translated the conference theme to a visual style and attitude for the Summit. The result of his expert work was playful and engaging– an appropriate signature for the work of the Analytics team, and their partners and clients.

The music is the work of the multi-talented Matt Sessions. Matt wrote and performed all of the music created for the Google Analytics Summit. He adapted his primary themes to all kinds of soundtracks and musical stings for the videos we created. One of my favorite bits of Matt’s GAS works was the musical soundscape he created for looping animations that played between sessions. The ambient track was meditative and warm. There is something profoundly right about this 20 second loop of contemplative sound. Matt’s work could also be heard in the 7 videos we delivered for the Summit.

XK9TMSF: Jason + Michael

XK9TMSF: Jason Elias + Michael Mattes

XK9’s Tactical Media Strike Force traveled to 3 cities, to interview Google Anlaytics Premium customers and 1 partner company. We were in Seattle on August 28 to interview Jeremy Wacksman, VP of Marketing for Zillow. On September 10 we visited GoPro to meet with Online Marketing Director Lee Topar. On September 13 we were in Pittsburgh with Sayf Sharif and Dan Wilkerson of LunaMetrics. The XK9TMSF team is Producer Michael Mattes, Director of Photography Jason Elias, and Director Bill Dawson. We were assisted ably by talented, local sound and production experts at each location.
A lot of the heavy lifting took place during the week of September 9th through the 13th. I cannot think of any other 5 day period more professionally productive in my career. During that week Milan, Matt, Michael, and Jason all killed it in their vital roles in this project.
The Google Analytics Summit featured a wall with case study videos created by XK9.

The Google Analytics Summit featured a wall with case study videos created by XK9.


That second week in September was followed by two weeks of post-production as we assembled all of the bits of this puzzle. XK9 partnered with Hybrid Edit to craft 7 interviews into strong messages on Google Analytics and its key role in modern marketing. My long-time friend Christopher Willoughby made his fellows from the XK9TMSF look great in the fantastic edits he crafted for the Zillow, GoPro, and LunaMetrics case studies. Hybrid’s Daniel Spencer made resonant stories from the footage we received. Working with Google’s Toby Frankenstein, Daniel cut together videos that were essential components of Google Analytics VP Paul Muret’s keynote address. None of this would have been possible without the able assistance of Hybrid’s Song Cho, Michael Wolfe, and Gail Butler.
This past Tuesday the XK9TMSF were embedded with our Google clients in Mountain View at the Computer History Museum, the site of the 2013 Summit. We were tasked with capturing moments at the conference and interviewing select speakers and Google Analytics clients. We were fortunate to work with the conference team from MKTG including Kenny Tomizawa and Jenny Appel, the Summit’s Show Director and Senior Account Executive respectively. It’s a pleasure working with such talented individuals and their extremely capable teams.

Google Analytics VP Paul Muret shares the story of Ross Twiddy in a video produced by XK9.

Google Analytics VP Paul Muret shares the story of Ross Twiddy in a video produced by XK9.

There are no great projects without great clients. XK9 understands that our relationship with Google is special. We collaborate with some extremely brilliant people who work at the most interesting company in the world. On this project our key contacts were Paul Muret, Suzanne Mumford, Toby Frankenstein, Derrick Djang, and Adam Singer. We are honored by their trust and confidence in XK9.

One last shout out to my great friend Jason Croatto. Jason is a UX designer who joined Google when they acquired AdMob. Jason stuck his foot in the door and introduced XK9 to Google. Jason is the kind of friend everyone should be lucky enough to have.

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