Epilogue: To Crap and Back

To Crap and Back.

Gap reinstates its old logo and cancels crowdsourcing. I guess the anger and pitchforks worked.

The President of Gap Brand North America, Marka Hansen announced in a press release yesterday that they were bowing to the negative feedback on their failed logo bomb. They will be returning to their navy blue box with GAP set in a narrow serif moderne typeface (reportedly LTC Spire). They also have canceled their “exciting crowd sourcing project.”

So, it would seem from the press release that the outpouring of negative commentary on the new Gap logo persuaded their executives to backtrack. I guess a new corporate logo is a matter worthy of widespread concern in a world with real problems. If we can change this, just think of what we could do for Lindsay Lohan!


Those of us who comment online about design are a passionate, vocal minority. Most of the public cared little about this. And, truthfully, there are very few among the vocal minority who have any business discussing the subject with any hint of authority. Anyone whose commentary amounted to “This sucks.” to “What were they thinking?” to “Look at my solution!” really should have sat the discussion out. Still, we crowdsourced our opinion without invitation, or compensation. Gap got what they didn’t pay for- a lot of worthless blather.

Tragically, this will embolden all of those whiners who thought they had something to say or a better logo that they designed in a few hours. They will believe that in some small way that they had something to do with the death of this mediocre logo.

The sad truth is that they’re right. The unfortunate aftermath? It will continue.

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