Data & Creativity

Modern business is obsessed with data. Our connected world and connected commerce allow for an overflow of information about consumers. Their preferences. Their route to decision-making. The results of advertising or marketing strategies and implementation.
The ability to track, quantify, and report information has upended business and how business products are marketed and sold. But the narrow focus on data and metrics is – at least partially – blind to the ingredients whose existence allow information to be recorded. Measurement is being prized over innovation and creativity.

Data is the known. Data may be new known, but it is still extant information provided by processes and structures already in existence. Data is history. Parsing that data allows us to know results. But results are hindsight, not foresight. Data, as hindsight, cannot quantify or predict a truly original idea.
Creativity at its best is the ability to craft ideas and solutions from the known and the unknown. Creativity makes connections between seemingly disparate bits of information. Creativity and data are not mutually exclusive. Smart design and art is very well-versed in what has come before. Smart design plans by assessing information about audience, intent, ergonomics, human form factors, special needs, prejudices, and defined goals for solutions to any given need.
The sum of all of the data on all of those defined precepts will not yield a solution. It may serve as a basis to make decisions – but not for innovation. Innovation requires creative interpretation and the ability to draw from influences not present in numbers. Novel solutions come from more than data arithmetic. Creative inferences and detours must be allowed to discover things that will surprise and engage an audience. Innovation cannot happen without creativity.
Companies that create and distribute original products need to place a high value on creativity as a component of their success. Data and creativity are both important to the well-being and growth of modern business. They are essential partners for innovative enterprise.

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