Bookends: the Return of the XK9 Music Mix

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On October 7, 2015 I completed gathering a group of songs together for a my friend Lara. Lara has been a close friend of Danielle’s and mine for more than 15 years. She recently became blogosphere celebrity of sorts when the popular Apartment Therapy chose to feature Lara’s home, studio, and personal style in three separate photo essays.
Lara visited us from her home in Newport, Rhode Island. Prior to this visit she asked me to do something for her. She wanted me to go song fishing and provide her with the catch. I spent hours surfing Apple Music in search of music. New. Old. Albums I may have forgotten. Artists heard on KCRW. Fishing. Not Phishing.
This kind of music sharing isn’t new for me. Prior to this I had made 9* XK9 collections and compiled them on CD for friends. I even gave them titles and packaged them.
I might have peaked with the fourth mix called IV: musicisgoodmedicine. It’s pretty, pretty good.
MMiX out
It’s been nearly 6 years since MMiX: Change is Good. I put it together in 2009 (MMIX—get it?). It marked my return to XK9 following my departure from an VP Design gig. Change is good.
Change abounds. Life moves apace. My nephew who was just over a year old when I moved to LA 25 years ago became a father in June. Nostalgia is all around me, but I choose to look mostly ahead, with the wisdom and scars of a well-intentioned idiot.
This new collection is called Bookends (Ooh La La). It begins and ends with Rod Stewart singing Ooh La La, the song with the familiar refrain, “I wish… that… I knew what I know now… when I was younger.” The first version was sung recorded in 1973 by Rod and his band Faces. Rod revisited the song 36 years later in 2009; that version closes out the collection.
My previous collections had to fit on CDs. That limited the song count to just over 20 tracks. This is a collection based online, so the limits are gone. I settled on 60 songs that found their way into the net. Take a listen. Put it on shuffle.
It was inspired by Lara. You are welcome to make it your own.

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