¡Damas y Caballeros, Roberto Flores!

¿Por qué Roberto Flores? ¿Quién es Roberto Flores?
When I started the Comics of Comedy series, one of the first supporters was Roberto Flores, a young comedian from Mexico City. Roberto asked if I might consider drawing him as part of the series.


For reference, I used these selfies from Roberto’s Instagram account @robtalcual.

I choose my Comics of Comedy subjects for their ability to make me me laugh. That’s the criteria. Well, Roberto performs his comedy en Español—and my three years of high school Spanish only comes back to me after ingesting an unhealthy amount of tequila. Lo siento Senorita Gloria y Señor Gary.
In spite of Roberto not meeting my rigid criteria, I was flattered that he’d asked and I told him that he was “on the list.” Unbeknownst to Roberto, the deal I made with myself was that once I had created portraits of 25 comedians, I would make good on my vague promise and draw Roberto.
Ellen DeGeneres was my 25th portrait. It was time for Número Veintiseis. Cómics de la Comedia con Roberto Flores. ¿Es Cantinflas sigue? Problamente no.

Hóla Bobby Flowers. Welcome to Comics of Comedy by XK9.
Drawn with @Adobe @Illustrator
With plug-ins from @AstuteGraphics

XK9 by XK9