All My Macs (RIP Mac Daddy)

Steve Jobs passing was a potent reminder of the effect his creations have had on my life. My Macs that have been key tools for my creative process for 20 years.

Beginning with the Mac IIci I purchased in 1991 up to the 15-inch MacBook Pro Quad-Core bought this summer, Danielle and I have owned 18 computers from Apple.

Here’s the historic inventory of our Macs with a note about each. I’ve included their model year and retail prices. I’ve omitted some other significant Apple products here. We’ve also owned 4 iPhones, 3 iPods, 2 Shuffles, 2 iPads, 2 Apple TVs and a Newton. But this list is about the computers that have found a home with us. All My Macs. With the exception of the IIci, all of these machines paid for themselves many times over.

1. Macintosh IIci (1990) $6700
My first personal computer, and to date, still the most expensive. I used Prodigy on this; it was my first experience with something called the internet. This computer will always remind me of my dear friend Keiko. She helped me figure out what I needed.

2. Macintosh Quadra 800 (1993) $4700
My big boy computer, bought as my first work computer for Two Headed Monster. This used two-sided DVD RAM cartridges that were precursors to recordable CD-ROM. Zip disks also came into vogue around this time. Bye bye 8 megabyte diskettes.

3. Macintosh PowerBook 520c (1994) $2900
Danielle’s first laptop. Bought when she went to finish her Bachelors degree at Long Beach State. What a brick. The lowercase c stands for color (but it should have stood for concrete). Progress.

4. Power Macintosh 8100/80 (1994) $4250
A very blah machine. During the post-Jobs era, in the time of the clones. The hardware lacked the style of later models. I designed my typeface Megahertz on this computer.

5. PowerBook G3 – Bronze (1998) $3499
At least this computer looked good. I gave it to my Dad around 2002. Within 6 months he had crushed it using his motor home. True story.

6. Power Mac G4 (2000) $3499
Three foot two. Mostly blue. Oddly forgettable.

7. iMac DV SE (2000) $1499
An early Firewire machine. With the advent of iMovie and the return of Steve Jobs, things were looking up. This was our home Mac while I worked in Santa Monica in an office over the Finish Line. A post-production facility, not the sporting goods retailer.

8. iBook 12″ (2001) $1799
Small but powerful. Danielle still used this laptop up until January 2009.

9. Power Macintosh G4 – Quicksilver (2002) $3499
My favorite of the translucent Macs. I got the 23″ Cinema Display and the Harmon Kardon SoundSticks space age speakers and sub-woofer to complement the set up. I just retired the SoundSticks.

10. PowerBook G4 (2005) $2599
This computer was delivered to me from its birthplace in China while Danielle and I were visiting Orrin and Robin in Boston. Great computer.

11. Power Macintosh G5 2GHz Dual (2004) $2499
I bought this computer specifically to allow me to render a couple dozen movies I needed to deliver for a project for Teleflora. One of the early aluminum towers. Heavy. An insanely great computer.

12. MacBook 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Aluminum (2009) $1599
One of the four computers we purchased in 2009. I got this in preparation of the departure from my full-time job at ReelzChannel.

13. MacBook 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo – White (2009) $650
Danielle’s computer. A used MacBook that ended up new. The magic phrase is Product Specialist.

14. Mac Pro 2.6GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 64-bit (2009) Workstation $2799
This one worked well until it didn’t. Again the magic phrase is Product Specialist.

15. iMac 27″ (2009) $2355
Gorgeous machine. Bought as an additional XK9 workstation, When work slowed in 2010, my sister-in-law bought this computer. I still get to visit it on weekends.

16. MacBook Pro 13″ (2009) $1499
I traded up Mac Number 12 for this one. Danielle recently inherited this computer, a far better machine for her digital photography and

17. Mac Pro 2.4GHz 8-Core (2010) $3499
My Quad-Core model (14) had a few issues that led to Apple agreeing to replace the system. For the difference in price I traded up to the 8-Core model to help handle our increased workload. An awesome, reliable, rock solid workhorse of a workstation.

18. MacBook Pro 15″ Quad-Core (2011) $4250
I needed to upgrade my laptop to a reliable animation workstation that could travel. And that’s what I got. I opted for solid state drives and the anti-glare screen. 90% of the time it’s connected to my 27″ LED Cinema Display. I love this insanely great computer.

Epilogue: Total outlay of hardware cash: $54,094 (with peripherals and upgrades, closer to $70K; approximate California sales tax $5K).

Macintosh user experience: Priceless.

Some information and images courtesy of and MacTracker is an awesome free app that has the facts on every Apple product ever brought to market.

  • Keiko Giacona

    I feel truly honored to be mentioned. And it boggles my mind that way back then I was capable of giving YOU, Mac advice! All I really remember is that I had a cx and knew you would be happier with a ci.

    BTW, on Oct 4th I went to the Apple store (in ABQ) and bought a high-end 11-inch MacBook Air (1.8Ghz i7, 256GB). It is simply gorgeous (of course) and will forever be cherished as the Mac purchased the day before Steve Jobs died.

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