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16 Oct 2015

DC x Aardman

Bruce, Clark, and friends got the Creature Comfort treatment from Rich Webber and Aardman Animation. Apparently, these debuted in 2012. How did I ever miss these?! KAPOW!

14 Oct 2015

Channel 4 the win!

Brand New shared the Channel 4 Rebrand today. The rebrand video by DBLG seen above this title (or here) is the brand identity equivalent of the rap battle mic drop. Booyah.
Unique typography is integral to the Channel 4 rebrand. Neville Brody and his Brody Associates are credited with this signature type and type system. I think this is Brody reclaiming the throne he once held as lord of the realm of type as brand identity mnemonic. Bravo sir.

And then there are these Jonathan Glazer helmed cinematic idents—as the Brits and others call them. W–O–T–M–F–G. Damn these are awesome. Glazer seems to meld influences like Kubrick, Lynch, Kurosawa, and Glass. These mini films are jarringly beautiful.

14 Oct 2015

Bookends: the Return of the XK9 Music Mix

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08 Oct 2015

Aardman Nathan Love

Full ANL from Aardman Nathan Love on Vimeo.


The world’s most epic logo reveal, for the world's most epic partnership…


See more from the project:

Learn about the studio:


Before the breakdown, it's worth saying that this project never would have come together without the absolutely AMAZING people that made it all possible. From the very start, this was a very special project, with a very special team, that came together at a very special time. Without the brilliant ideas, triumphant effort, and complete skill of each and every person involved, none of this would have ever been possible. From the bottom of our hearts, we want to say thank you for making this video a huge success, and a ton of fun.

And to our fans – keep believing! Without you, none of this is possible. Help us to continue this special brand of humor and entertainment by staying in touch, spreading the word, and keeping us encouraged to make more hot shit!

Until next time,
– Aardman Nathan Love

Production Company:
Aardman Nathan Love

Produced & Directed by:
Joe Burrascano

Character Design, Storyboards, Concept Art & Animation:
Tim Probert

Environment Design & Concept Art:
Sigmund Lambrento

Art Director:
Anca Risca

CG Lead, Look Development, Lighting & Compositing:
Eric Cunha

Character TD:
Lukas Wadya

Previz & Layout:
Henning Koczy

Doug Litos, Henning Koczy, Tom Shek, Dan Barker, Jordan Blit, Goran Ognjanovic

Lighting & Compositing:
Jin Fang Jiang, Triston Huang, Liz Ku, Michael Lampe

Env Model, Texture & Look Dev:
Hubert Wozniak

Compositing & Motion Graphics:
Jason Conradt, Jeff Billon

Sound Design & Music Composition:
Drew Skinner

05 Oct 2015
new google logo


Yes, when I first saw the new Google logo my reaction was negative. I was prompted to discover the new logo via text from my friend Jason. Jason works at Google and has known about this change for some time; he was wise—and bound by contractual agreement—to not tell me about it. This would have been a hard secret to keep. I’m fairly certain I would have kept it, but I’m glad I wasn’t tested.
Rather than rant simply about the type and the change, I would prefer to look at this brand identity change in the context of the evolution of Google as a corporation.
This is the second big move in their brand and corporate structure that Google has announced in the past month. Larry Page and Sergei Brin announced their new umbrella company Alphabet on August 10. Three weeks later, today—September 1—they dropped their new Google logo on the world. The creation of the Alphabet parent company is a far more significant change for the Google brand. Reportedly, Google as we once knew it—formerly the parent company of all Google companies—has been demoted to the rank of elder sibling. The parent company of YouTube, Android, AdMob, DoubleClick, Google, et al is now Alphabet. Google’s core business will now be universal search, search advertising, and analytics. It will remain the largest of the Alphabet companies, but Google is attempting to cede its identity as parent company to the Alphabet brand name.

01 Sep 2015

Hail the Creator. Respect the Creative.

The late 20th and early 21st century have been mercilessly cruel to language.


10 Aug 2015

Facebook’s Un-Logo

I am an opinionated observer of logos and logo design. I am having a hard time with the new Facebook logo (seen above the title of this post). I feel it is a deliberately insipid un-logo. It rejects the specialness that makes a logo great. There is no surprise, or cleverness that would elevate this to something more than a made up word. This facebook is satisfied to be well-made piece of type without notable flaws.
As a logo designer, I have biases about what is necessary for a good logo. A lot of those are simple attributes like strength, confidence, and personality. But there are also intangibles that cannot be described, these things are felt in the brain and in the gut. Something just works, or it doesn’t.

01 Jul 2015

¡Damas y Caballeros, Roberto Flores!

¿Por qué Roberto Flores? ¿Quién es Roberto Flores?
When I started the Comics of Comedy series, one of the first supporters was Roberto Flores, a young comedian from Mexico City. Roberto asked if I might consider drawing him as part of the series.


For reference, I used these selfies from Roberto’s Instagram account @robtalcual.


29 Jun 2015

Making Ellen DeGeneres

It was a bit of serendipity that I completed my drawing of Ellen DeGeneres on the eve of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision that essentially invalidates DOMA—the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. These two good things are seemingly unrelated, but not. I think the Universe might have played a part in the timing of me drawing Ellen.

26 Jun 2015
XK9 by XK9