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Polyester Studio illustrates happy.

20 Mar 2014

Kevin Bradley’s Church of Type

All-American knucklehead Kevin Bradley shared his Church of Type last night at an AIGA Los Angeles studio tour. Bradley is an iconoclast of the first order– a wayward renaissance man. He’s an artist, craftsman, printer, poet, and coonskin-cap-wearing goofball. He calls himself a graphic designer. He is a zealot for original work and the craft of letterpress printing.


19 Mar 2014

Yes/No by Ofer Winter

This is student work? Maybe I can sell shoes.

19 Mar 2014

The Walking Ned

Today I subscribed to Fraser Davidson’s Simple Character Animation lesson on Skillshare. Using his lesson I created Ned, the zombie above the title.

It was my first time using Skillshare. I’m impressed.

If you don’t know Fraser Davidson’s work, you should. Check him out.

I don’t think Ned will ever find that gate.


11 Mar 2014

The Genius of Ira Glass


19 Feb 2014

Not Following

The Following returns to FOX television tonight; it does not deserve a repeat performance. Last season, this story’s abject stupidity delivered a plot and characters that were laughable. Danielle and I continued to watch until the season’s end to see what senselessly stupid thing these stupid FBI agents and these stupid cult criminals would do next. It was so bad it was almost a black comedy, but it was too dumb even for that redemption. Ultimately it was an unsatisfying waste of time.
The Following’s lead actors Kevin Bacon and James Purefoy are very good at what they do. But good acting cannot save a bad story.

03 Feb 2014

Super Bowl = Voldemort

I am not a football fan. I may not even watch the Super Bowl today for the commercials. I can see its obscenely expensive, Hail Mary sponsor’s commercials Monday morning if I want to. But in spite of my football apathy, the NFL has a way of getting under my skin. My specific NFL irritant can be best described in three words – THE. BIG. GAME.

Every American consumer knows that The Big Game is code for the Super Bowl. It’s the phrase used by any business who has not paid the NFL as a name sponsor of their championship spectacle. If you are a non-aligned retailer and you want to remind people that they might consider buying a television, snack food, beverage, or personal hygiene device to better enjoy their Super Bowl™ experience, you are legally prohibited from calling the game by its NFL owned and controlled name.

This is stupid. It is such a ridiculous bit of brand control. The conceit is that only brands financially affiliated with the Super Bowl are allowed take advantage of their association with the game that shan’t be named. Super Bowl is capitalism’s Voldemort. It’s a powerful corporate specter that strikes fear into those who do not take a knee to its authority.

After 48 years, can’t we please admit that Super Bowl is a common enough name in our American vernacular to make the NFL’s “you-can’t-say-it-without-paying-us” claims unenforceable?

NFL, I await your legal action.

02 Feb 2014

All My Macs 3.0 – 30th Anniversary Edition

My original Mac list appeared on my Facebook page in April 2009. Version 2.0 was posted on Bones on October 7, 2011, dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs. I’ve updated it here on the 30th anniversary of the debut of Macintosh. I’ve added my 2012 MacBook Pro Retina. I am an Apple acolyte, and I have good reason to be. Macs have been key to my career and creative development. With the Mac I have practiced as a graphic designer, animator, photographer, video editor, creative director, writer and critic. Of course those appointed tasks happened with amazing software, but the platform and portal that made these tasks possible – and often enjoyable – was the Mac.
My personal Mac history dates back 23 years. Beginning with the Mac IIci I purchased in 1991, my wife Danielle and I have owned 19 computers from Apple. Number 20 will no doubt be a new Mac Pro. I’m waiting on the right project that convinces me that buying that beautiful aluminum canister is a necessity.
This list is an historic inventory of our Macs with a note about each. I’ve included their model year and retail prices. I’ve omitted some other significant Apple products here. We’ve also owned 6 iPhones, 4 iPods, 2 Shuffles, 3 iPads, 2 Apple TVs, multiple AirPort wifi stations, and a Newton. I still have the Newton; it still works. But this list is about the computers that have found a home with us. With the exception of the IIci, all of these machines paid for themselves many times over.
 011. Macintosh IIci (1990) $6700
My first personal computer, and to date, still the most expensive. I used Prodigy on this; it was my first experience with something called the internet. This computer will always remind me of my dear friend Keiko. She helped me figure out what I needed.

27 Jan 2014

H&FJ: The “Partner” Split

The insular graphic design community is abuzz about the acrimonious split of two type design luminaries. In a suit filed on January 16 with the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Tobias Frere-Jones has made clear his intention to force a settlement following the dissolution of his relationship with Jonathan Hoefler.
Let me be clear at the outset that my inside knowledge on this matter is limited to the publicly filed lawsuit initiated by Frere-Jones (made available on Quartz) and the precisely worded statement Hoefler released on the Hoefler & Frere-Jones website dated Friday, January 17.

24 Jan 2014

What Indian Flavors Look Like



15 Jan 2014
XK9 by XK9