Facebook’s Un-Logo

I am an opinionated observer of logos and logo design. I am having a hard time with the new Facebook logo (seen above the title of this post). I feel it is a deliberately insipid un-logo. It rejects the specialness that makes a logo great. There is no surprise, or cleverness that would elevate this to something more than a made up word. This facebook is satisfied to be well-made piece of type without notable flaws.
As a logo designer, I have biases about what is necessary for a good logo. A lot of those are simple attributes like strength, confidence, and personality. But there are also intangibles that cannot be described, these things are felt in the brain and in the gut. Something just works, or it doesn’t.

01 Jul 2015

¡Damas y Caballeros, Roberto Flores!

¿Por qué Roberto Flores? ¿Quién es Roberto Flores?
When I started the Comics of Comedy series, one of the first supporters was Roberto Flores, a young comedian from Mexico City. Roberto asked if I might consider drawing him as part of the series.


For reference, I used these selfies from Roberto’s Instagram account @robtalcual.


29 Jun 2015

Making Ellen DeGeneres

It was a bit of serendipity that I completed my drawing of Ellen DeGeneres on the eve of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision that essentially invalidates DOMA—the so-called Defense of Marriage Act. These two good things are seemingly unrelated, but not. I think the Universe might have played a part in the timing of me drawing Ellen.

26 Jun 2015

Working on the Sidelines

I’ve come to realize something. I cannot not create.
Right now I have three personal projects going. While I am waiting for a couple client projects to kickoff, I have spent time on these sidelines gigs that exist first as a creative outlet for me. They fulfill my need to create daily.

17 Jun 2015

Don’t Bet Against Apple Music

At their annual developers conference keynote yesterday, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Jimmy Iovine presented Apple Music — the new music streaming, radio, and connection subscription service from Apple. As a proof of concept Apple is offering the first three months of the service for free. Given their historic success upending the music business (see also iPod and iTunes), I am fairly certain we can expect that Apple Music will be a success and will be the leading streaming music service within months of its June 30 debut.

09 Jun 2015

Linda Dong + Keynote

Designer Linda Dong animated this in Keynote, Apple’s presentation app.
I would like to see someone try this in PowerPoint.

05 Jun 2015


I love type. I love great typography. I’m an advocate for smart graphic design and expert, effective communication. My passion in these areas has led to the creation of Typethos. Typethos is a collaboration between XK9 and the leading creators in contemporary type design. Typethos will present thoughts on type and typography by people who create type, those who use type, and some who simply love type and typography. That’s the mission.
Typethos quotes are from interesting voices in the world of type. The Typethos quotes will arrive each weekday at 9AM in New York. I tried it at 9AM in Berlin, but I think the Germans were too busy.

01 Jun 2015

The Gospel According to Material Design

I love Material Design. I hate Material Design.


29 May 2015

It’s Raining Fonts!

I am very excited about the debut of Fontstand – a revolutionary new way for designers to access the best in new type design. Prior to Fontstand, most quality typefaces required the purchase of an industry standard, full price license to use any font – legally. Fontstand has changed that – brilliantly.

27 May 2015

Just say nose.

rednose3Norm MacDonald was the last stand up comic to perform on Late Show with David Letterman – not counting Dave, of course. Near the end of his set, MacDonald became emotional as he attempted to share the depth of his affection for Letterman. Norm knew Dave well enough to say, “Mr Letterman is not for the mawkish, he has no truck for the sentimental.” Letterman has a keen sincerity meter, and a finely tuned bullshit detector. Like Letterman, I find crass emotional displays and cloying sentimentality to be repellant. That’s why I have a problem with Red Nose Day.

21 May 2015
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