Happy Birthday Harry Marks

Harry Marks
I created this portrait as a birthday gift today for the great Harry Marks.

11 Mar 2015

Give Me a Sign

As a graphic designer, I do not sign my work.
But when I had created 9 drawings in my new Comics of Comedy series, something clicked. My illustrations, cartoons, comics, have always been more personal than my work done specifically for clients. Client work is for my clients. But Comics of Comedy is an expression of my point of view.

09 Mar 2015

Cliché-a-day 013


25 Feb 2015

Cliché-a-day 012

Today’s drop.

24 Feb 2015

All about the Ampersand.

Late last year I worked on a brand identity for Hilton & Hyland, a leading luxury real estate agency in Beverly Hills. Its principals are Jeff Hyland and Rick “Paris’ Dad” Hilton. My friend Gary Gold is one of the associates at Hilton & Hyland; Gary introduced me to Jeff Hyland and their VP Marketing Charles Black as a prelude to this project.

23 Feb 2015

Cliché-a-day 011

Carrie Underwood’s weapon of choice.

23 Feb 2015

An Internet Symbol?

I have been exploring design clichés for a couple weeks now. In making lists of the kinds of symbols I would like to draw, I realized that we do not have a common icon that represents “the Internet.” So I took it up as a challenge to create an internet symbol.
The internet upended the way the world interacts and understands itself. And it continues to affect change worldwide. At its best, our interconnectivity allows for greater understanding and sharing of news, information, and personal details.
So my symbol is meant to indicate connection and change. It borrows from a couple existing symbols: the triangle or delta that represents change; and the location pin popularized by Google Maps. Those pins also represent connection by meeting in a common place. The three pins are also abstract C’s – citizens, congress*, and commerce. The concept is that individuals, governance, communities, industry, can come together and share this space – and at its best can work for the common good.
I would wholeheartedly encourage its use for the Open Internet and Net Neutrality movements.
If you would like to use this copyright free image, please click on the blue icon to access a PDF file containing the vector artwork.
*Note that’s congress not Congress. More meeting, organization, and community. Less partisan obstruction and stalemate.

22 Feb 2015

Cliché-a-day 010

Red, iron, roads, fit, word, talk, Criss, David, Christopher, St Andrew’s, sign of, stations of, Swiss, sum, plus…

22 Feb 2015

Cliché-a-day 009


21 Feb 2015

Cliché-a-day 008

This version of a five pointed star has been co-opted by nations, armies, ideologies, an a US state you shouldn’t mess with.

20 Feb 2015
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